Traverso Plans

Traverso plans are available from several sources.
Jean-Francois Beaudin
Jean-Francois sells hand-made drawings of many traversos. His drawings of traversos by Quantz Traverso, Stanesby , J-H Rottenburgh and T. Lot in the Dayton C. Miller flute collection are available on-line.
The Bate Collection, Musee de la musique in Paris (contact: or Tel. 01 44 84 89 45), EUCHMI in Edinburgh, and Berlin (contact Mr. Wittenbrink at or Bernd Wittenbrink / Bildarchiv und Fotothek / Musikinstrumenten-Museum / Staatliches Institut fur Musikforschung PK / Tiergartenstr. 1 / D-10785 Berlin / Tel. (+49-30) 25 48 11 53)
Several museums directly selling plans of instruments in their collections (many of the drawings by Jean-François Beaudin)

Traverso resources

A Yahoo group of early flute enthusiasts
TRAVERSO, the newsletter for historical flutes
A thin but informative newsletter devoted to the early flute
The British Early Flute Group
A new (2012) group for Britain-based early flute players.
Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page
A great deal of information about old flutes, in particular the pre-Boehm keyed flutes.
La flûte traversière en Europe aux XVIème et XVIIème siècles
A website devoted to the Renaissance flute, with much useful information.
European Early Music Festivals
A list of all the festivals and summer courses in Europe.
Early flute history and other resources.
Lars' Baroque flute corner
Some fingerings, baroque flute care information, FAQ, and more.
Il Flauto Traverso Rinascimentale
An Italian page on Renaissance flutes which includes a list of makers
Brad Hurley's Guide to the Irish Flute
Irish flute makers and other information
Early MusiChicago Early Flute Businesses
A list of early flute makers and other early flute businesses.
Larry Kranz's List
A modern flute makers list
Acoustics of the flute
A very interesting page describing the theory behind flute acoustics and the harmonics of the different fingerings.
Andrew Crawford at Fine Boxes
Andrew makes some absolutely beautiful custom flute cases.
A program for PC or Mac that is a tuner in software. It has many nice options for early flute tuning such as temperaments, selectable pitch, pitch graphs, etc. The Mac version is a bit outdated at this point unfortunately.