Traverso Sheet Music and Methods

Here are some retailers of early music for traverso:

A very good selection of early traverso sheet music, including many facsimiles. The full list is on the web.
Boulder Early Music Shop
They have a very good selection on-line, with a special page for facsimiles (don't miss it).
OMI (Old Manuscripts and Incunabula), USA
A large catalogue of facsimiles.
Von Heune Workshop
They have a good on-line selection.
The Recorder Home Page Publishers List
a very complete list of publishers and retailers.

Here are some specialty publishers of music for traverso:

Broude Brothers

There is a limited amount of traverso music available in electronic form; here are a few links.

The Gieddes Flute Collection
A large collection of scanned facsimiles which includes mainly later works; several Quantz and Telemann pieces.
Geoffrey Hemion
Has typeset works by Philidor, Telemann, and others and made them available.
Online images of manuscripts and modern editions of baroque flute music
French National Library
Lots of online printed baroque flute music as well as relevant texts

I am trying to improve this list of electronic editions, please email me if you know of more sources.

Professional Traverso Players

These professional players are the most widely recorded players. This list is helpful for searching CD and music download sites; just copy and paste the names in to their search box. Some of the players have homepages and those are linked below.

Barthold Kuijken  /  Wilbert Hazelzet  /  Jed Wentz  /  Konrad Hünteler  /  Rachel Brown  /  Nancy Hadden  /  Stephen Preston  /  Christopher Krueger

The following players have a few CD's/MP3's available now.

Philippe Allain-Dupre  /  Lisa Beznosiuk  /  Robert Claire  /  Sabine Dreier  /  Enrico di Felice  /  Hans Joachim Fuss  /  Hans Olav Gorset  /  Claire Guimond  /  Marc Hantai  /  Peter Humbel  /  Christoph Huntgeburth  /  Karl Kaiser  /  Stephen Schultz  /  Janet See  /  Courtney Westcott

Traverso Videos

YouTube has a growing collection of videos of traverso playing. Here are some good YouTube artists to look up.
  • Grégoire Jeay